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Feigned Neightion practicing for their first gig!
This was before they found their sound. Bad Axe grew up playing the Ukulele, Mademoiselle D'Hiver played the harp, Wilde sang, Bramley played the bass and Chantilly played the piano!
They didn't even have a drummer! Amateur.
safe1689689 artist:frozensoulpony531 oc674134 oc:bad axe5 oc:bramley apple10 oc:chantilly beau2 oc:mademoiselle d'hiver12 oc:wildberry jams7 pony951368 cello2541 female1347624 guitar4906 harp274 inktober1728 male367065 mare472782 musical instrument10339 offspring38293 parent:applejack3823 parent:cheese sandwich1764 parent:fancypants785 parent:fleur-de-lis345 parent:jet set106 parent:lightning dust282 parent:party favor260 parent:pinkie pie4034 parent:twinkleshine20 parents:applejet64 parents:fancyfleur184 parents:partypie150 piano1087 stallion106589 traditional art116778


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