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[Future Twilight Sparkle]
full This is where the magic happens full
safe1754407 screencap228300 applejack173584 aquamarine170 berry blend491 berry bliss493 blancmange23 bon bon16703 boysenberry209 chip mint77 chock-full carafe20 clever musings177 diamond tiara10412 dizzy twister1154 fat stacks62 first base270 gallop j. fry263 high roller53 horseshoe comet50 jumping jupiter29 lavender lily8 li'l cheese561 lightning riff80 linky1655 little red177 lock heart46 luster dawn1662 lyra heartstrings30126 orange swirl1154 peach fuzz272 pinkie pie220528 rain catcher77 rainbow dash238947 rarity185943 rosy pearl78 shoeshine1768 silver spoon6653 snowy quartz37 spike80597 sprout greenhoof119 strawberry ice110 sweet buzz92 sweetie drops16702 train tracks (character)228 twilight sparkle306616 twist2901 whirlwind romance15 wintergreen76 alicorn233503 dragon58844 earth pony267505 pegasus310492 pony1014009 unicorn343830 the last problem6105 animation error2108 background pony10463 banner2077 bridge1203 building2623 female1405159 flag4033 fountain620 friendship student1755 gigachad spike875 house2367 houses194 las pegasus resident543 lita kino49 malachite (sailor moon)37 male389125 mare503783 medallion146 no fluttershy7 older27889 older applejack791 older aquamarine16 older bon bon44 older boysenberry11 older diamond tiara802 older first base15 older gallop j. fry35 older little red13 older lyra heartstrings44 older peach fuzz14 older pinkie pie746 older rainbow dash881 older rarity746 older silver spoon673 older spike5524 older train tracks (character)6 older twilight1887 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)67 older twist118 ponyville6092 princess twilight 2.02557 river2046 sailor jupiter111 sailor moon1503 stallion116194 tent975 town hall325 tree33651 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126358 unnamed pony1572 winged spike8556 wings123783


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