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This was a really nice time since 2013 when I start my journey with ponies
And now the journey of Twilight Sparkle has ended. Well, let's read this book again while we wait for a new adventure :3

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safe1638825 artist:discordthege295 twilight sparkle291673 alicorn210990 pony904619 the last problem5283 spoiler:s09519 book31991 book of harmony99 bookmark225 crown15485 cute189580 ear fluff26278 female1304654 flower23906 grass8892 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 hoof shoes4734 jewelry57129 mare449507 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 night24754 older24890 older twilight1400 princess2138 princess twilight 2.02089 prone24443 reading5995 regalia18128 signature21456 sitting59006 smiling230119 solo1019646 tree30362 twiabetes11105 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119906


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According to the writers, she just woke up in that form one day and she freaked out.
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Lagom Hästporr
I love how all our lil' ponies developed and matured over the course of the last 9 years, but Twilight went from a awkward introvert bookworm to ruling an empire as a immortal god, not bad Twi, not bad at all.
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