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There are no Goodyear Blimps in Equestria, but if there were, you'd get this view of the Dazzlings' Starswirl concert…
safe1583071 screencap205577 adagio dazzle11994 applejack159556 aria blaze9145 bulk biceps3231 derpy hooves48127 duke suave83 fluttershy199369 hunter hedge83 laurel jade49 lemon zack84 max steele86 microchips1264 oxford brush25 peppermint azure29 pinkie pie204081 rainbow dash220527 rarity170731 raspberry lilac134 sandy cerise46 sci-twi21757 scribble dee487 snails5103 snips4018 snow flower119 sonata dusk12644 space camp (character)161 sunset shimmer57347 twilight sparkle283317 velvet sky471 equestria girls182407 equestria girls series29116 sunset's backstage pass!2127 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12092 aerial view29 converse5144 crowd905 female1163035 green smoke28 hat76983 humane five2864 humane seven2157 humane six2741 male308605 security guard173 shoes30874 stage2743 the dazzlings4053


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