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Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper [4:3 Mode] [For CRT Monitor, iPad Tablet and LCD/LED with 4:3 Aspect Ratio]
[Using the vectors to Make a wallpaper compilation about EG Character and will posting to "MLP of The Week" in Facebook]

Mode [16:9]: 2175860
Mobile Phone Mode: 2175914

Original Credit Vector Added in The Tags ["artist:-original artist name-"]
EG Wallpaper Compilation by iSuperSonic95
App used: "Macromedia Fireworks 8" [PC-Windows]
safe1615201 artist:famousmari5162 artist:keronianniroro143 artist:sugar-loop314 artist:twilirity104 artist:whalepornoz171 sunset shimmer58886 pony882885 unicorn285066 equestria girls187494 equestria girls series30216 forgotten friendship4967 game stream573 legend of everfree7707 let it rain191 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12610 bikini16742 camp everfree outfits1725 camper41 clothes425796 cute186187 cutie mark43817 female1285796 geode of empathy2704 guitar4562 headphones7114 looking at you152528 magical geodes7783 mare439307 musical instrument8584 open mouth129808 pants12967 ponied up4929 shoes32225 shorts12855 skirt37009 super ponied up535 swimsuit26196 vector72702 wallpaper18103


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