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Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper [4:3 Mode] [For CRT Monitor, iPad Tablet and LCD/LED with 4:3 Aspect Ratio]
[Using the vectors to Make a wallpaper compilation about EG Character and will posting to "MLP of The Week" in Facebook]

Mode [16:9]: 2175860
Mobile Phone Mode: 2175914

Original Credit Vector Added in The Tags ["artist:—original artist name—"]
EG Wallpaper Compilation by iSuperSonic95
App used: "Macromedia Fireworks 8" [PC-Windows]
safe (1458576)artist:famousmari5 (142)artist:keronianniroro (128)artist:sugar-loop (288)artist:twilirity (92)artist:whalepornoz (130)sunset shimmer (51890)human (133349)pony (723920)unicorn (215436)equestria girls (163758)equestria girls series (25025)forgotten friendship (4189)game stream (502)legend of everfree (7109)let it rain (141)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9359)bikini (14042)camp everfree outfits (1399)clothes (365992)cute (153982)cutie mark (35026)female (785675)geode of empathy (2150)guitar (3987)headphones (6012)magical geodes (5755)mare (351022)musical instrument (6026)open mouth (107489)pants (10212)ponied up (4392)shoes (25082)shorts (10533)skirt (32253)super ponied up (470)swimsuit (21422)vector (67655)wallpaper (16898)

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