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🎶Reunited and it feels so goooooood!🎶

My contribution to MLP's ninth anniversary art event, so I decided to have Trixie not only reunite with her dad, but have an Equestria wide magic tour as a show of family love and reunion. One of my theories is that Trixie one day wants to reunite with her dad but can't because of both having busy lives so here's her dream come true. Aren't family reunions magical? <3

Art by me
Characters and MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro/DHX Studios
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I'll rule the world
You know, just for the sake of this heartwarming picture, I'll add my headcanon.

The one night stand was an honest accident and Jack Pot wouldn't had abandoned her family has he know about it. While a bit shaken for the reveal, they eventually amend things up and then this pic.