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source needed13074 safe1555417 anonymous artist2189 screencap195185 adagio dazzle11860 aloe2401 amethyst star2244 apple bloom46178 applejack157241 aria blaze9096 arizona cow907 autumn blaze3191 babs seed5617 barley barrel160 berry punch6061 berryshine6052 bon bon15479 candy apples211 carrot top5117 cheerilee9279 cherry berry1826 cinder glow619 cloudchaser3681 cloudy quartz1194 coco pommel5416 coloratura2659 cozy glow5666 daring do5980 daybreaker2388 derpy hooves47919 diamond tiara9580 dj pon-327903 firefly1732 fleetfoot1892 fleur-de-lis3316 flitter2897 fluttershy195770 fresh coat194 gabby2124 gilda9037 golden harvest5117 granny smith4948 inky rose445 jade spade41 kerfuffle433 lemon hearts1876 lighthoof465 lightning dust4173 lily longsocks388 limestone pie4661 little strongheart727 lotus blossom2551 luster dawn853 lyra heartstrings27496 marble pie6048 march gustysnows227 mare do well938 maud pie11778 mayor mare3033 meadowbrook722 mean twilight sparkle666 megan williams772 minty1116 minuette5314 moondancer4334 ms. harshwhinny2192 nightmare moon15889 nurse redheart3242 ocellus4384 octavia melody22066 pear butter2346 petunia petals151 photo finish2500 pinkie pie201370 posey shy993 princess cadance30114 princess celestia89023 princess ember5708 princess luna93114 princess skystar1744 queen chrysalis31894 rainbow dash217211 rarity167902 roseluck4617 saffron masala1560 sassy saddles923 sci-twi21697 scootaloo48824 shimmy shake458 silver spoon6175 silverstream5157 smolder6412 somnambula1628 sonata dusk12470 sparkler2094 spitfire12692 starlight glimmer42971 stellar flare962 sugar belle2621 summer flare619 sunset shimmer56635 sweet biscuit354 sweetie belle46274 sweetie drops15479 tempest shadow15091 torque wrench214 tree hugger2633 trixie61175 twilight sparkle279786 twilight velvet3758 twinkleshine1936 vapor trail882 vinyl scratch31998 wallflower blush1552 wind sprint470 windy whistles1806 zecora8685 oc593611 oc:cream heart2010 oc:echo614 oc:fausticorn1478 oc:filly anon2306 oc:floor bored482 oc:little league107 oc:mascara maroon143 oc:milky way2102 oc:nyx2079 oc:thingpone350 oc:tracy cage445 alicorn190923 earth pony190446 galarian ponyta57 griffon24407 hippogriff8098 human139873 kirin6451 pegasus232424 pony826613 ponyta135 robot6840 unicorn257455 them's fightin' herds3305 equestria girls177335 my little pony: the movie17532 rainbow roadtrip1235 /mlp/8985 4chan6124 absurd resolution63678 alicorn oc21491 apple family member2489 bracket29 cancer (horoscope)131 community related3191 contest296 female879536 filly58427 marker344 miss /mlp/ 201925 paradox180 peach bottom9 pinkamena diane pie18104 pokémon8393 ponified37802 santa pone9 self paradox1051 self ponidox7000 sergeant reckless73 sweetie bot1273 too many tags16 twilight (g1)14 twinkle sprinkle23 twolight1036 wall of tags2240


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/mlp/ is trying to keep this out of derpi's view so they don't influence the poll.
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