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sorry for the sloppy lineart here; my shaky hands and illness make precise art a little harder as of late!
the basic concept of this AU is that major protagonist roles are swapped with characters which are antagonists originally (and vice versa), whether just episode antagonists or outright villains!
in this case, Fluttershy (now Summershy, since her original name is sort of pegasus-y) takes the role of Moondancer–she’s a childhood friend of Fizzlepop “Tempest” Berrytwist, left behind when Princess Adagio sent her to Ponyville.
she is a scholar who studies the interaction of animals with magic, as well as possible (humane) uses of animals in spellwork, or spells involving animals (such as transformation spells.)
safe1882977 artist:flipwix93 fluttershy229866 pony1229387 unicorn403520 alternate cutie mark1958 alternate hairstyle31630 alternate universe11140 bun262 female1520969 frown26512 glasses72662 hair bun3973 mare568826 race swap16668 raised hoof55633 role reversal1489 simple background465310 sitting73225 smiling303777 transparent background233603 unicorn fluttershy291


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