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“It’s everypony! We’re all here for a celebration! My friends- Lavender, Midnight, Quartz Horn (& her lil bro Scales)- my family, Dash and Gilda, Aunt Grizelda, lil sib Gren, and my teachers Luna and Scootaloo!"

Celebration pic of the Rainbow Feather Replies crew, in honor of the MLP finale!
safe1600377 artist:lilliesinthegarden210 gilda9186 princess luna94838 rainbow dash222460 scootaloo49314 oc616630 oc:gren36 oc:grizelda31 oc:lavender215 oc:midnight261 oc:quartz horn37 oc:rainbow feather301 oc:scales8 dracony5890 dragon49789 griffon24759 hippogriff8595 hybrid15804 pony869260 celebration226 clothes419639 family4083 friendship1128 group3105 interspecies offspring6320 magical lesbian spawn10550 next generation5767 offspring34679 parent:gilda590 parent:rainbow dash5034 parent:rarity3660 parent:spike2011 parent:trixie1686 parent:twilight2 parent:twilight sparkle7506 parents:gildash334 parents:sparity1269 parents:twixie488 scarf21218


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