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Let me explain WHY i ship those ships:
.Bulk Biceps and Maud Pie: Bulk will certainly like someone like Maud, cold but strong and always here for those she cares about. Why Maud like Bulk is a mystery but we can imagine she sees a bit of Pinkie in him, always joyful and loud, but she also likes is determination, not anypony would have compete in a game knowing he has one of the lowest chance to win ( the pony games). I think they would be like night and day but still get along well.
.Limestone Pie and Pharynx: Huge crack but just listen, they’re both very stubborn and proud, ready to defend their family and what is their. Their personality are really alike. If they met they will probably hold respect for each other.
I have a specific scenario in my head: They fell in love with each other, but, because of Limestone's parents, who are very conversional as we know, they couldn’t be together unless Limestone decide to choose Pharynx over her family and, most important, the rock farm a.k.a the one thing the most important thing in her hole life. Maybe she will choose Pharynx and suffer from losing the farm and maybe find a place within the changeling, or, she will choose the farm, and suffer from losing what I think is her soulmate.
.Flim and Trixie Lulamoon: Basically, they are coming for the same environment, spectacle, glimpse and glams and everything. They will probably end up, or already, met each other. Trixie as a good side, and I think Flim as one too, if Flim get to know Trixie and her qualities, he could fell in love, and Trixie could bring out Flim’s good sides.
.Sunburst and Zecora: Sunburst is a huge nerd, it is a mystery for no one, and Zecora posses a grand wisdom. If they ever get to meet, they will probably be friend very quickly, and, as Zecora posses some unique knowledge, Sunburst will see her as a very unique and smart pony, and fall in love. Sunburst being the friendly, sweet and smart pony we know, I think Zecora will come to like him too.
safe1587380 artist:flamirasplitz30 bulk biceps3238 flim2142 limestone pie4749 maud pie11936 pharynx873 sunburst5912 trixie62702 zecora8860 changedling7357 changeling40751 crack shipping3533 female916006 flixie15 limynx1 male309237 maudceps4 prince pharynx622 shipping185445 straight122680 zecoburst1


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Background Pony #6054
High quality art mixed with low-quality shipping. Interesting combination.