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I finished something within a month, what a miracle. Somewhat inspired from a fic series on Fimfiction.

safe1659814 artist:those kids in the corner59 fizzlepop berrytwist9138 moondancer4724 princess celestia93150 starlight glimmer47236 sunset shimmer60988 tempest shadow16492 trixie65796 twilight sparkle294330 alicorn215450 pony923962 unicorn304557 absurd resolution65191 broken horn13554 canterlot5538 castle1969 counterparts866 cute192741 dancerbetes373 diatrixes3029 female1322683 filly64060 filly moondancer50 filly starlight glimmer566 filly sunset shimmer176 filly tempest shadow78 filly trixie306 filly twilight sparkle2655 glimmerbetes3713 group photo748 happy29997 horn59580 hug27249 looking at you160333 magical sextet17 photo77955 shimmerbetes4237 smiling236115 speedpaint501 speedpaint available388 store378 tempestbetes2612 tongue out99298 twiabetes11319 twilight's counterparts887 unicorn master race145 unicorn twilight16071 younger16802


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Terminal Red

Let's see, Twilight paired off with sunset Trixie with Starlight, That means Moondancer and Tempest are gonna be besties.

Nerd horse and Edge horse.
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