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Long time no see, deviantart! Been working on my style, playing around with new things.

I also have a buttload of different headcanons! These first ones are about Pegasi.

Pegasi are light-bodied for the most part, but very fast and strong. The bigger, heavier pegasi aren't as fast, but they're a lot less fragile. There are lots of pegasi subspecies, as many as there are birds. However, in Cloudsdale most pegasi are based on sparrows, hummingbirds or falcons. Fluttershy is a rare exception, being based more on an albatross. As such, she's not that great of an agility flier, or a speed flier, but she more than makes up for it in gliding ability. Sadly, though, because albatross based pegasi are rare in Cloudsdale, she was taught that she's a weak flier.

Pegasi also have a mixture of feathers and fur. Mostly they're covered with fur, but there's also downy feathers around their shoulders, down their backs and around their tail feathers. The tail feathers are used both for mating displays and flight. Generally, the longer and more articulated the feathers are, the more attractive the pegasus.

Pegasi that are mixed with the other pony types tend to have less down and smaller tail feathers. They also tend to be either more fragile of build but stronger of air magic (unicorns), or less fragile and less competent at air magic (earth ponies). Likewise, if the other species of ponies mix with pegasi, they tend to have either down or in very rare cases, tail feathers.
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