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safe1754420 artist:walter martishius9 applejack173584 fluttershy217600 pinkie pie220529 rainbow dash238947 rarity185943 spike80597 twilight sparkle306620 alicorn233506 dragon58844 earth pony267512 pegasus310499 pony1014019 unicorn343836 my little pony: the movie19476 the art of my little pony: the movie211 art931 badlands58 beyond equestria7 bridge1203 canterlot5876 city4378 concept art1371 crepuscular rays3164 cutie mark49894 desert1627 destruction1528 farm584 female1405172 forest10590 hill914 lake1593 lava910 lightning3278 male389128 mane seven6686 mane six32637 mare503789 mountain5378 ponyville6092 scenery8254 scenery porn870 smoke2680 storm830 stormcloud227 thunder192 tree33651 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126359 volcano373 waterfall1745 windmill344


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It looks like the Mane Six are near the Everfree Forest. And I can see lightning bolts and storm clouds covering Canterlot, Cloudsdale, the Crystal Empire, and the rest of the Capital Region of Equestria before it hits the rest of Equestria.

Everybody is busy discussing about the volcano, meanwhile I’m here looking at that beautiful caldera with the waterfalls nearby.  
For reference: a caldera is the crater left behind from a dormant or extinct volcano that has extremely miniscule activity going on around it. Seeing a Volcano gets you interested in the here-and-now, but seeing a Caldera gets you interested in the now-and-then and how it helped shaped the environment and the local ecosystem in interesting ways over the course of hundreds or thousands of years.
Background Pony #F3F2
I remember seeing these images on an entertainment website article page and immediately started playing marcus warner’s ends of the earth
Dark Tail
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Writer of Culture
Guys, I’m getting that spark again. The spark that came when I first began to learn of Equestria back in 2012. I think this movie could be the spark that might re-ignite the world that still has yet to be fully explored. I’m getting really excited for this movie. The fanfics after this comes out will be glorious.
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Artist -

This title kinda reminds me of “Beyond Skyrim: Bruma”, an unofficial Skyrim Expansion mod that is 1.5 GB bigger than the Dragonborn DLC that takes place in Bruma in the land of Cyrodiil. :/ 
It’s in NexusMods, btw! :3
Background Pony #64C3
I recall when so much of Equestria was an unknown and everything had a sort of magic about it like a Dungeons and Dragons world or Lord of the Rings or something. Of course that was back when the fact that ponies manipulate all the weather was still new and fascinating. When was the last time we even had an episode focused on that aspect of the world? Now it’s all just casual “oh they’re bringing in a storm to water the crops tomorrow, we still on for lunch?”. NOW Equestria just seems more and more like a very light industrial revolution era version of our world with some magic thrown in; not entirely but mostly.