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Finished order for @RomnyHasagawa
His character Jerry Alton on a date with Bandy Cyoot, @pabbley  
Music for this drawing:
Deviantart source
safe1945740 artist:amishy234 oc823005 oc:bandy cyoot191 oc:jerry alton8 earth pony350518 pony1295466 raccoon pony169 basket3729 burger2257 car7137 car hop tray1 clothes549507 coca-cola284 date1067 diner384 door4716 door handle21 ear fluff40497 eyelashes21024 food85861 ford423 ford galaxie3 french fries658 ginger hair4 glasses75945 golden eyes239 green eyes6650 hairband1560 hamburger715 hamburger bun5 ketchup328 lettuce154 mustard162 napkin204 pants18380 plaid439 plate2271 ponytail22200 rain6982 raised eyebrow7764 saddle oxfords3 sauce511 seat268 shoes48234 skirt47211 smiling323460 sock hop3 steering wheel181 straw2245 striped hair45 surprised11050 sweater16948 tail62006 teeth14586 tomato433 window10928


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I'm Armageddon it
Hm. I used the search to find a duplicate and saw none so I hit the upload button. Turns out someone uploaded another version without the (hardly noticeable) haze over it that was implemented recently.
If it’s possible to merge these, I say go for it. If you can’t, you can flip a coin to see which stays. OR if you /really/ want to, you can tag this as an alternate version or something lol