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“Look, a virus from another world swept into town! Now we’re an alien menagerie!” alien-Feather preens

“Rafa and I have gilsl!” Gren adds

“This is gonna take getting used to…” Quartz is a bit nervous…

“C’mon sis, it’s fun!” chirps Scales

The artist was encouraged to 'make 'em weird'
safe (1520357) artist:shimazun (224) oc (583606) oc:gren (41) oc:quartz horn (39) oc:rainbow feather (323) oc:scales (9) alien (1004) griffon (23637) hippogriff (7724) antennae (374) gills (153) interspecies offspring (5882) magical lesbian spawn (9346) multiple eyes (284) offspring (31907) parent:gilda (603) parent:rainbow dash (4698) parents:gildash (355) transformed (211)


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