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From the creator of this contest

"We're going to be starting off with Match 4! By a score of 54.6% to 45.4%, the winner of Match 4 is… Derpy Hooves! 335 to 278!"

"Next, we have the winner of Match 3. By a margin of only 51.3% to 48.7%, the winner of Match 3 is…. Twilight Sparkle! By 314 to 298!"

"Next, the winner of Match 2. A margin of only 50.6% to 49.4%, the winner of Match 2 is… Applejack! 312 to 304!"

"And finally, our closest match of the entire tournament by far, a near dead even split 50/50. The winner of Match 1 by, I am not shitting you, literally a SINGLE vote… Trixie Lulamoon is our final semi-finalist! 306 to 305!


"As I mentioned earlier, it turns out there WERE some matchups that were so close they turned things around due to discarded votes. These were the following votes discarded due to missing or incorrect verification answers (MOSTLY missing, more than half of those i had to toss simply had them not filled in at all or filled with 'idk's)

Rarity 19 / Derpy Hooves 12 (wouldn't have closed the gap)
Celestia 19 / Twilight Sparkle 14 (wouldn't have closed the gap)
Princess Luna 22 / Applejack 13 (Luna would have won by 1 vote)
Pear Butter 20 / Trixie 17 (Pear would have won by 2 votes)"
safe1638909 anonymous artist2532 screencap213702 adagio dazzle12403 aloe2533 amethyst star2466 apple bloom48001 applejack164527 aria blaze9427 arizona cow1049 autumn blaze3583 babs seed5667 barley barrel190 berry punch6360 berryshine6352 bon bon15899 candy apples222 carrot top5306 cheerilee9665 cherry berry2019 cinder glow708 cloudchaser3788 cloudy quartz1294 coco pommel5758 coloratura2807 cozy glow6894 daring do6272 daybreaker2645 derpy hooves49058 diamond tiara9961 dj pon-328660 firefly1675 fleetfoot2081 fleur-de-lis3471 flitter2955 fluttershy205604 fresh coat215 gabby2251 gilda9329 golden harvest5306 granny smith5194 inky rose491 jade spade59 kerfuffle505 lemon hearts2060 lighthoof521 lightning dust4400 lily longsocks384 limestone pie4804 little strongheart798 lotus blossom2679 luster dawn1354 lyra heartstrings28732 marble pie6271 march gustysnows241 mare do well961 maud pie12148 mayor mare3166 meadowbrook781 mean twilight sparkle717 megan williams811 minty1198 minuette5640 moondancer4657 ms. harshwhinny2285 nightmare moon16311 nurse redheart3434 ocellus4985 octavia melody23208 pear butter2654 petunia petals166 photo finish2557 pinkie pie209873 posey shy1164 princess cadance31509 princess celestia92295 princess ember6120 princess luna96513 princess skystar1869 queen chrysalis33672 rainbow dash226518 rarity175894 roseluck4897 saffron masala1600 sassy saddles1013 sci-twi22972 scootaloo50129 shimmy shake522 silver spoon6346 silverstream5798 smolder7378 somnambula1812 sonata dusk13065 sparkler2318 spitfire13059 starlight glimmer46515 stellar flare1122 sugar belle2968 summer flare708 sunset shimmer60049 sweet biscuit387 sweetie belle47775 sweetie drops15899 tempest shadow16341 torque wrench235 tree hugger2693 trixie65015 twilight (g1)28 twilight sparkle291681 twilight velvet4066 twinkleshine2143 vapor trail996 vinyl scratch28660 wallflower blush1921 wind sprint535 windy whistles2007 zecora9059 oc642724 oc:cream heart2231 oc:echo863 oc:fausticorn1516 oc:filly anon2514 oc:floor bored502 oc:little league112 oc:mascara maroon146 oc:milky way2094 oc:nyx2158 oc:thingpone376 oc:tracy cage333 alicorn211004 buffalo917 earth pony223969 galarian ponyta74 griffon25583 hippogriff9005 human148625 kirin7743 pegasus265876 pony904682 ponyta158 robot7406 unicorn295301 them's fightin' herds4025 equestria girls191074 my little pony: the movie18475 rainbow roadtrip1395 /mlp/9293 4chan6656 absurd resolution64834 alicorn oc24468 apple family member2655 bracket28 cancer (horoscope)138 community related3821 contest314 female1304721 filly62845 marker363 miss /mlp/ 201925 paradox190 peach bottom15 pinkamena diane pie18657 pokémon8824 ponified39494 santa pone9 self paradox1223 self ponidox7665 sergeant reckless73 sweetie bot1295 too many tags17 twinkle sprinkle26 twolight1116 wall of tags2806


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Background Pony #54C0
That would be true if "Twilight Sparkle" in general was in the poll. It's explicitly unicorn Twilight, though.
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Background Pony #4B8B
I just found we have 1 unicorn, 1 earth pony, 1 alicorn and 1 pegasus in the Final 4!
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Mr Caramel

I'm honestly not surprised to see Derpy made it this far but now she's met a real challenge, now she's up against the main protagonist of the show!
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Somehow Always Wrong
@Background Pony #CCF7

if i have a say in something that carries far more weight than this, i'm gonna be more open minded, like i should. This is a popularity contest for fictional characters. is me be being defensive really going to affect much?
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Background Pony #B899
I'd hate to see how you act with something that actually does carry weight if you're this bent out of shape at the idea of character you don't like being favoured by a group you shouldn't even concern yourself with.

@Sanagi 蛹
Yep, that's pretty much the general impression you'd get looking at some of the complaints here.
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Background Pony #B899
So when elections and such happen and your choice doesn't win, do you spend the next few years of it with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears going "LA LA LA LA LA"?
Cause that's the impression I get from your statements whenever anything doesn't go your way.
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@Background Pony #CCF7
Trix Twi and Derp are faves since, feking ever. AJ is a surprise tho. But in AJ's brackets you have RD and Luna so I think they was planning to have either one of those two go up into the semis at least. Yes I think it's rigged. Good on AJ.
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Background Pony #B899
Yes, everyone knew the final four would involve Applejack and Trixie.
Your tinfoil hat could do with some straightening.
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