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After processing the fact that a tenth season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will be in comic book form, I exploded with happiness and got started on making something for it and after weeks of hard work, planning, finding time to carefully put to the pieces together and, listening to Face My Fears 30 times, I've finally got this wonderful picture done. Now all I have to do time is wait for the comic book version of MLP season 10 to be released in April 2020.
safe (1502825) artist:themultiverse101 (1) edit (108141) edited screencap (49863) idw (13720) screencap (187031) adagio dazzle (11552) applejack (153707) aria blaze (8888) fili-second (766) flash magnus (665) fluttershy (191339) gallus (5146) king sombra (12195) masked matter-horn (754) meadowbrook (674) mistmane (612) mistress marevelous (678) ocellus (4089) pinkie pie (196521) princess celestia (86784) princess luna (90898) radiance (747) rainbow dash (211741) rarity (163682) rockhoof (909) saddle rager (768) sandbar (4250) silverstream (4807) smolder (5818) somnambula (1554) sonata dusk (12227) spike (71492) star swirl the bearded (1816) stygian (629) trixie (59324) twilight sparkle (272363) yona (4107) zapp (738) alicorn (179523) dragon (43619) pony (779968) umbrum (1033) unicorn (234047) equestria girls (170024) friendship is magic (2359) luna eclipsed (1360) my little pony: the movie (17177) no second prances (1697) power ponies (episode) (1287) rainbow rocks (17121) shadow play (1172) the crystal empire (2536) the cutie re-mark (2929) the last problem (3181) spoiler:comic (9708) spoiler:comicseason10 (10) spoiler:s09e26 (3421) friendship (996) kingdom hearts (913) mane seven (5208) mane six (27801) older (20994) older applejack (436) older fluttershy (409) older mane 6 (217) older mane 7 (135) older pinkie pie (400) older rainbow dash (479) older rarity (426) older spike (4202) older twilight (916) pillars of equestria (222) power ponies (2524) redemption (92) season 10 (49) so much pony (134) student six (1326) the dazzlings (3906) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109012) unicorn twilight (9550)


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40 comments posted

Creating new Content!
I was wondering if you wanted me to use this as a cover image to the MLP project i'm doing for modded minecraft? I'm making an unofficial season 10.
Background Pony #1E9D
@Background Pony #E308
That's what I want to see, but I don't know how to get over his mortality issues.

Oh, right! Bring more long waited G1 villains! Like Lavan, for example, or even real Grogar if passes over his mortality issues.
Macaroni C-Pony

@Background Pony #F4EC
Oh, don’t be mean, silly. The finale itself was just a lot to take in that some people are just rejecting it.

When I saw a spoiler of Twilight 2.0 I had a heart attack and wanted it to be fake

Now I know I love her more than ever because she’s grown in the same way we all do.
Background Pony #1864
Frankly, I am a bit concerned if I'll be able to take this as full canon if they still reference things that happened in the comic that blatantly conflict, but I will give it a chance. Maybe it'll make some of my issues with Twilight's arch better.
Macaroni C-Pony

I hope for more power development.

I still don’t know how fast Rainbow Dash is, and still don’t know how powerful Twilight is or how many abilities her magical spells give her