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safe (1503997) artist:hunternif (111) apple bloom (45202) discord (27799) scootaloo (47994) sweetie belle (45378) earth pony (173361) pegasus (213715) pony (780954) unicorn (234459) the return of harmony (1422) argument (700) bow (21870) cracking (20) cutie mark crusaders (16945) fight (5405) filly (55495) hair bow (11836) light (1106) one eye closed (22769) petrification (759) scene interpretation (7305) statue (1985) statue discord (51)


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Background Pony #6CDC
Awesome artwork! I love that people still make art about the earlier parts of the show!
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A random brony.
It gives me nostalgia everytime there is a depiction on old moments of previous seasons comes out. Glad to see present artists still draw show's classic events


They'd probably have to release them intentionally, considering how… restricted their powers are in comparison to Discord.

It would be Too Dumb to Live, intentionally freeing them, whether one was curious to see if a legend was true or not (or in this case, seeing if your parents/one generation ago history was full of shit).
Background Pony #7C0D
It most definitely was the other way around, Celestia states he broke free when he did because her and Luna's connection to the Elements was broken. I don't get why people always got that backwards. It's not in character for the CMC to pettily argue like that and the pan was meant to show Discord had caused it, not the other way around.
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Planeswalker — FoME
The cause and effect could actually go the other way; Discord's weakening seal allowed him to drive the Crusaders to blows… which might, in turn, have further chipped away at the seal. It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem.
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Realistically no, it's unlikely that the CMC were the only people who argued in front of that statue for the last 1000 years.
But in the show, in the beginning of S02E01 we see the CMC squabble, and then the camera dramatically pans to Discord and shows a heartbeat.