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“Here’s the sitch with the training. I’m going to apply to be an active field medic- and for that I need to up my endurance. It’s been my weakest area, so I gotta get better at it- it’s no good to collapse before getting to somepony in need- and can you imagine how embarrassing it’d be to fall over just as you’re delivering help?”

“The test’ll be overseen strictly, so I can’t mess up!”
safe (1526116) artist:nubeinvernal (4) oc (575378) oc:rainbow feather (329) hippogriff (7783) human (139472) braid (4560) cloths (52) humanized (92167) interspecies offspring (5940) leather straps (103) magical lesbian spawn (9427) offspring (32141) parent:gilda (609) parent:rainbow dash (4729) parents:gildash (361) serious (966) serious face (951) solo (939435) tanned (135) wristband (2817)


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