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safe1556968 screencap195367 princess celestia89085 princess luna93192 twilight sparkle280028 alicorn191343 bird6594 butterfly6204 hummingbird159 pony828171 the last problem3995 alternate hairstyle23864 balcony1264 canterlot castle1720 clothes401823 coronation dress545 dress39033 embarrassed9920 ethereal mane6274 flowing mane901 folded wings4401 former princess celestia32 former princess luna25 frown21369 grin32258 hoof shoes3915 how embarrassing19 legs6699 raised eyebrow6106 raised hoof38487 second coronation dress146 sheepish grin265 smiling210689 this will end in embarrassment5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113864 wings72341


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