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safe1554933 screencap195122 applejack157207 ballista113 bon bon15476 cotton sky60 earl grey15 gabby2124 gilda9036 grampa gruff245 lyra heartstrings27492 pinkie pie201332 prominence206 star hunter273 sweetie drops15476 tender brush100 twilight sky106 vex109 winter lotus100 earth pony190276 griffon24398 pegasus232240 pony826103 unicorn257143 the last problem3955 balloon9499 clothes400686 eyes closed78341 facial hair4829 female878989 frown21347 glowing horn16154 holding hooves1375 horn40387 lesbian91269 lyrabon3047 magic64474 male298904 mare403956 moustache2725 party1696 raised eyebrow6093 shipping181489 smiling209696 stallion90283 tuxedo1226


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