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This is very possibly the last bit of shippy pictures I have at this point. Very close to the end of my backlog pictures overall! Man I drew a lot for this series.


“Mister Popular” – Part of the first series of Valentine’s Day pictures I did during season 1. Parody of the classic Archie Comics covers, only one where everyone’s good with sharing.
safe1575775 artist:bevin brand138 flash sentry12100 sunset shimmer57644 twilight sparkle282757 equestria girls180248 archie comics86 bedroom eyes51528 black and white12109 blushing175896 diner307 female899491 flash sentry gets all the waifus204 flashimmer1838 flashlight2561 flashlightshimmer64 glasses54954 grayscale36243 lidded eyes25681 male305546 milkshake1417 monochrome147928 official fan art183 polyamory6151 shipping184090 straight121681


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