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The finals have come to a climactic end, and your crowned pony of the Miss /mlp/ 2019 pageant is none-other than the howdy-est, howdiest, silliest, most dependable of ponies, the always honest Applejack! With Twilight close behind as our runner-up and Derpy taking the bronze medal (and a consultation prize for most over-all votes across the seven rounds), the Pageant has now come to an official close, but I plan to keep the threads going until Sunday to allow for more celebration/partying/rooting/shitposting for our lucky and beautiful winning mare, as well as any of our other fabulous contestants, and starting tomorrow will be taking input / commentary for any changes to implement in the upcoming Mr. /mlp/ pageant and the far off Miss /mlp/ 2020.

And a big thank you for all the anons participating(not derpibooru), from simply voting to generating drawings throughout the round, you guys made this contest

By a margin of 55.6% to 44.4%, 279 to 223, the winner of Miss /mlp/ 2019, and your Princess of the Board, it's the howdiest, silliest, most dependable of ponies, the first horse of the board


A hearty congratulations to Applejack, her fans, our beautiful runner-up Twilight and HER fans, and every single mare/anon who made this pageant what it was. Thank you all for your participation!

safe1552049 anonymous artist2177 screencap194369 adagio dazzle11834 aloe2399 amethyst star2242 apple bloom46129 applejack157011 aria blaze9069 arizona cow899 autumn blaze3179 babs seed5616 barley barrel160 berry punch6057 berryshine6048 bon bon15452 candy apples211 carrot top5117 cheerilee9270 cherry berry1826 cinder glow612 cloudchaser3679 cloudy quartz1191 coco pommel5407 coloratura2649 cozy glow5635 daring do5975 daybreaker2385 derpy hooves47884 diamond tiara9564 dj pon-327868 firefly1732 fleetfoot1882 fleur-de-lis3313 flitter2893 fluttershy195490 fresh coat194 gabby2120 gilda9027 golden harvest5117 granny smith4947 inky rose441 jade spade41 kerfuffle433 lemon hearts1874 lighthoof464 lightning dust4169 lily longsocks388 limestone pie4660 little strongheart727 lotus blossom2549 luster dawn845 lyra heartstrings27473 marble pie6034 march gustysnows227 mare do well938 maud pie11765 mayor mare3030 meadowbrook721 mean twilight sparkle664 megan williams772 minty1115 minuette5307 moondancer4298 ms. harshwhinny2190 nightmare moon15834 nurse redheart3242 ocellus4373 octavia melody22025 pear butter2343 petunia petals150 photo finish2496 pinkie pie201100 posey shy989 princess cadance30060 princess celestia88879 princess ember5653 princess luna92972 princess skystar1742 queen chrysalis31852 rainbow dash216881 rarity167660 roseluck4611 saffron masala1556 sassy saddles923 sci-twi21167 scootaloo48770 shimmy shake457 silver spoon6172 silverstream5143 smolder6355 somnambula1623 sonata dusk12447 sparkler2092 spitfire12673 starlight glimmer42725 stellar flare960 sugar belle2617 summer flare612 sunset shimmer55951 sweet biscuit353 sweetie belle46225 sweetie drops15452 tempest shadow15062 torque wrench214 tree hugger2632 trixie60944 twilight sparkle278944 twilight velvet3741 twinkleshine1933 vapor trail881 vinyl scratch31963 wallflower blush1545 wind sprint467 windy whistles1802 zecora8677 oc591921 oc:cream heart2008 oc:echo607 oc:fausticorn1477 oc:filly anon2298 oc:floor bored480 oc:little league106 oc:mascara maroon143 oc:milky way2102 oc:nyx2077 oc:thingpone350 oc:tracy cage445 alicorn190334 earth pony189692 galarian ponyta57 griffon24360 hippogriff8079 human139510 kirin6421 pegasus231588 pony824169 ponyta135 robot6826 unicorn255878 them's fightin' herds3284 equestria girls176431 my little pony: the movie17506 rainbow roadtrip1234 /mlp/8977 4chan6119 absurd resolution63618 alicorn oc21409 apple family member2489 bracket29 cancer (horoscope)131 community related3172 contest295 female875224 filly58281 marker344 miss /mlp/ 201925 paradox181 peach bottom9 pinkamena diane pie18087 pokémon8381 ponified37574 santa pone9 self paradox1049 self ponidox6978 sergeant reckless73 sweetie bot1273 too many tags16 twilight (g1)14 twinkle sprinkle23 twolight1023 wall of tags2228


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Come on guys this only applies to 4chan, it's not a best pony competition, you know who best pony is, nothing anybody says will change that lol
Background Pony #BA19
Coils bust in 2 to 4 years, shoulda went with an older ford or different name brand. LoL. (Sorry but every new ford I've had does that, cheap coil packs LoL)

Big loud things on poles
As a present for winning, I’m going to buy AJ a brand new ford F550 for her farm. Really show the Chevy and ram fanboys who’s boss
Background Pony #0E3C
Bravo Applejack! It's a great way to conclude a fantastic series. G5 will never compare to FiM and one particular reason is they're despoiling her character. We ought to love what we already have.