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Well, duh. Bad guys don't deserve to be included there.
safe1637469 edit125517 edited screencap60684 screencap213541 aloe2530 angel bunny9590 apple bloom47983 autumn blaze3578 babs seed5666 berry punch6340 berryshine6332 big macintosh27391 bon bon15875 bow hothoof983 braeburn6124 bright mac1215 burnt oak121 capper dapperpaws1499 carrot cake2017 cattail86 cheerilee9660 cheese sandwich3888 cherries jubilee152 cherry jubilee1080 clear sky416 cloudy quartz1292 coco pommel5752 coloratura2806 cozy glow6884 cranky doodle donkey967 cup cake3951 daring do6270 derpy hooves49022 diamond tiara9957 discord29712 dj pon-328646 doctor fauna529 doctor muffin top83 doctor whooves10517 double diamond1627 fancypants1878 featherweight1235 flam2090 flash magnus784 flash sentry12344 flim2192 gabby2242 garble1718 gentle breeze335 gilda9322 goldie delicious369 grand pear250 granny smith5193 gummy4965 igneous rock pie860 iron will1311 limestone pie4801 little strongheart797 lord tirek5156 lotus blossom2675 lyra heartstrings28705 marble pie6265 matilda489 maud pie12142 mayor mare3162 meadowbrook778 mistmane720 moondancer4654 mudbriar776 night glider1313 night light2150 nurse redheart3433 ocellus4974 octavia melody23187 opalescence2050 owlowiscious1955 pear butter2644 pharynx942 photo finish2555 pipsqueak2791 plaid stripes253 posey shy1163 pound cake2471 prince rutherford728 princess cadance31491 princess celestia92231 princess ember6109 princess flurry heart6816 princess luna96451 pumpkin cake2208 queen chrysalis33651 quibble pants1489 rainbow dash226361 rockhoof1082 roseluck4888 rumble3852 saffron masala1600 sandbar5167 sassy saddles1013 scootaloo50117 shining armor22343 silver spoon6343 silverstream5780 smolder7365 snails5209 snips4133 soarin'13622 somnambula1808 spitfire13051 starlight glimmer46455 stygian735 sugar belle2956 sunburst6306 sunset shimmer59981 sweetie belle47762 sweetie drops15875 tank2673 thorax4134 thunderlane3941 time turner10513 tree hugger2691 trouble shoes1098 twilight sparkle291502 twilight velvet4058 twist2821 vinyl scratch28646 wind sprint535 windy whistles2003 winona2483 yona4820 zecora9054 zephyr breeze2183 zippoorwhill371 alicorn210677 breezie2100 buffalo916 centaur3080 changedling7820 changeling44012 donkey1687 dragon52032 earth pony223302 griffon25553 pegasus265178 pony903018 rabbit4836 unicorn294443 yak4323 the ending of the end3005 the last problem5269 animal3843 buttercup73 caption20490 cutie mark crusaders18566 everycreature45 everypony372 female1303355 filly62769 flim flam brothers1215 image macro36548 impact font1447 king thorax2749 legion of doom statue83 meme80184 petrification904 prince pharynx685 rara1038 spa twins1302 statue2225 text54946 the magic of friendship grows88 they forgot about me19 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119844 user meltdown in the comments43 wall of tags2802


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Number 1, the episode The Last Problem is fake.
Number 2, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow are stupid.
Number 3, those users don’t get it for believing so.

@Background Pony #1EF8
Well, duh. Bad guys don’t deserve to be included there.

Gilda, Discord, Iron Will, Garble, Flim, Flam, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer.

Gilda, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie and Starlight Glimmer redeemed themselves. Iron Will was never an antagonist. Garble was just a jerk, not to the same level as the Petrified 3. Flim and Flam are just con men, but not a major threat.
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