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Lightning Dust didn't deserve to be included in the pegasuses
safe1600077 edit121588 edited screencap58618 screencap208855 aloe2476 angel bunny9454 apple bloom47116 autumn blaze3448 babs seed5580 berry punch6194 berryshine6186 big macintosh26881 bon bon15567 bow hothoof951 braeburn6025 bright mac1166 burnt oak113 capper dapperpaws1470 carrot cake1978 cattail82 cheerilee9479 cheese sandwich3701 cherries jubilee150 cherry jubilee1032 clear sky402 cloudy quartz1242 coco pommel5629 coloratura2715 cranky doodle donkey931 cup cake3861 daring do6183 derpy hooves48412 diamond tiara9757 discord29187 dj pon-328243 doctor whooves10326 double diamond1581 fancypants1805 featherweight1206 flam2021 flash magnus749 flash sentry12046 flim2137 gabby2185 garble1656 gentle breeze310 gilda9186 goldie delicious363 grand pear233 granny smith5087 igneous rock pie827 iron will1289 lightning dust4310 limestone pie4675 lotus blossom2630 lyra heartstrings28236 marble pie6089 matilda471 maud pie11889 mayor mare3097 meadowbrook751 mistmane692 moondancer4500 mudbriar748 night glider1279 night light2069 nurse redheart3341 ocellus4763 octavia melody22788 opalescence2009 owlowiscious1924 pear butter2536 pharynx900 photo finish2514 pipsqueak2742 plaid stripes245 posey shy1109 pound cake2398 prince rutherford701 princess cadance30776 princess celestia90459 princess ember5887 princess flurry heart6520 princess luna94827 pumpkin cake2130 quibble pants1458 rainbow dash222426 rockhoof1031 roseluck4771 rumble3796 saffron masala1584 sandbar4909 sassy saddles972 scootaloo49311 shining armor21877 silver spoon6224 silverstream5522 smolder6989 snails5138 snips4058 soarin'13389 somnambula1728 spitfire12821 starlight glimmer45094 stygian705 sugar belle2834 sunburst6025 sunset shimmer58263 sweetie belle46937 sweetie drops15572 tank2628 thorax4026 thunderlane3817 time turner10322 tree hugger2635 trouble shoes1075 twilight sparkle286060 twilight velvet3933 twist2765 vinyl scratch28245 wind sprint513 windy whistles1934 winona2444 yona4637 zecora8874 zephyr breeze2113 zippoorwhill359 alicorn202623 breezie2050 centaur2954 changedling7536 changeling42038 pegasus252010 pony868937 yak4126 the last problem4581 buttercup72 caption19840 cutie mark crusaders18201 drama3122 everycreature43 everypony371 female1272721 filly60719 flim flam brothers1180 horn49606 image macro36133 impact font1400 king thorax2664 lightning dust drama22 male338403 mare432589 meme79256 prince pharynx648 rara1014 sad22935 spa twins1284 stallion95888 text52712 the magic of friendship grows78 they forgot about me15 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117278 wall of tags2594 wings84214


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Background Pony #A71F
LISTEN UP! You go on fimfiction and you change this little "misunderstanding" so you can have a head canon and not be so bothered by this! ARE WE OR ARE WE NOT CLEAR?
Background Pony #997F
Here's a laugh. Your favorite character got two episodes and had her entire subplot forgotten before the series cuncluded leaving any sort of development she could of had lost forver to the annals of history.

Never to be seen again or get any canon closure and be remembered for nothing but her falures and as a warning as to what happens to sociopaths in the end.