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safe (1504447) artist:vito (393) apple bloom (45214) cozy glow (5124) scootaloo (47999) sweetie belle (45387) earth pony (173646) pegasus (213928) pony (781380) unicorn (234788) /mlp/ (8661) a better ending for cozy (79) adorabloom (2116) candy (5780) clothes (382979) costume (23552) cozybetes (548) cute (163551) cutealoo (2332) cutie mark crusaders (16948) diasweetes (2290) food (56171) implied lord tirek (44) implied nightmare moon (74) implied queen chrysalis (55) nightmare night (4304) nightmare night costume (1387) one of these things is not like the others (179)


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18 comments posted

@Background Pony #E922
I know she is dressed as herself. That's the joke. But this is a series? I thought it was just an image tag for images with a reformed Cozy. There doesn't seem to be much continuity between specific images.
I don't recall her hair being any different than the norm here?
And honestly, if anyone was to reform her, it would probably be the CMC.
Background Pony #E922
She decided to dress as her old herself tho. It's a part of the 'better ending for Cozy' series. She knows she was a bad guy, that's why she changed her hairdo for Nightmare Night.

Kinda feel like Scootaloo should be Sombra for full effect. Though I love that Cozy doesn't even need a costume.
Too bad Cozy made the choices she did. Though who knows? There could still be hope.