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Frontispiece for The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath.
safe1687802 artist:fynjy-87125 blossomforth1426 cloud kicker2007 pinkie pie214419 rainbow dash231860 earth pony241753 pegasus284648 pony949540 fanfic:the life and times of a winning pony68 background pony10197 balloon10113 black and white12705 bushy brows83 commission66524 cute197082 diapinkes9730 fanfic art14177 featured image874 female1345897 floating3908 flying37586 grayscale37631 hiding1418 high res26683 hoof hold8215 illustration385 mare471791 monochrome148463 open mouth142029 peeking669 ponyville5728 raised hoof44757 smiling243095 spread wings53651 sugarcube corner2262 sweet dreams fuel1566 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky902 wings103529


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