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part 1 of 6 pics i have on Derpibooru which till now are being coloured in. here is the pencil drawing:…
more Celly & Cady bonding pictures this time, dancing (sort of, i may (will) do more (of them dancing) later) & again in their nightwear.
i originally thought of doing what i did a couple of years ago & do a few drawings in 1 sheet of them dancing but i soon decided to do one & maybe another one next time.
i absolutely adore Celestia & Cadance's relationship, i know their aunt & adoptive niece but it makes far more sense to have them as adoptive mother & daughter but this ain't the place to go into that right now & i like to think that even now they're older, they continue to bond like they used to
safe1709635 artist:killerteddybear94242 princess cadance32513 princess celestia95143 alicorn225076 anthro260818 plantigrade anthro32778 adorasexy9807 aunt and niece442 beautisexy855 belly button78129 big breasts82288 bow28746 breasts278392 busty princess cadance3138 busty princess celestia10245 butt bump738 butt to butt860 butt touch4067 camisole143 cleavage34656 clothes460751 cute200291 cutedance1258 cutelestia3602 dancing8370 dress lift190 duo61623 frilly underwear4468 hair bow15652 heart48480 heart print underwear576 legs8413 looking at each other20326 momlestia990 momlestia fuel102 nightgown1428 open mouth146471 panties50312 pink panties192 pink underwear4276 ponytail17967 ribbon7092 sexy29529 slippers1000 smiling249401 teen princess cadance899 traditional art117984 underwear60939 white panties188 white underwear3532 younger17407


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The princess of love has a lot of hearts on her panties. But that bow looks a bit weird. I think it would look better if the middle was smaller.

Celestia is lifting her nightgown for some underwear-to-underwear touching. She got some cute frilly panties.