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"Be Prepared"

My guest comic for "Friendship is Dragons" — a D&D/MLP:FiM screencap-based campaign webcomic by Newbiespud

Page 1296 — Be Prepared

Author: dziadek1990

Guest Author's Note: "Yeah… something similar totally happened to me, as a DM, about a decade ago.
The Sunless Citadel module, I think. I ended up declaring that It Was All A Dream and let the players keep the XP they earned during that game.
Story Time! Tell us about the time your DM was comically unprepared."

Newbiespud's Note: After the last update, a few more of you lovely people contacted me about submitting more guest comics! I think I'll get the sabbatical I sorely need after all, and you all will get some interesting pages to read. Though I still might go through with the idea I had in mind… We'll see!
Note: Now accepting guest comics! Details and rules here. Deadline: November 6th.

DM: Okay… sure: you do find a convenient rustic marketplace in this giant city. I don't think it will hurt the module if I add that detail.
FS: Thank you.
PP: But you didn't go too far away from us, right? We still need to use our diplomancy on that NPC!
FS: No worries. I'll be within earshot.
DM: Actually, your previous interactions with Gizmo kinda did the work. He definitely seems a lot more friendly than before.
RT: Gorgeous. I keep subtly asking him about that vault that he's guarding.
PP: I say to him: "You must be so brave to guard it all alone, with nopony to help you!"
Gizmo: Well… I am not really guarding it alone… There's this other guy with the keys, you see…
RT: Oh? Do tell.
FS: He's revealing his "secrets" suspiciously quickly…
PP: The DM's ominously browsing his notes… Wait no, he's just browsing them. Nothing ominous about it. Nevermind!
Gizmo: Yeah… I may not be that imposing, but my friend and co-worker is making up for the two of us in the Intimidation area. He is really scary. His name is…
DM: <shuffle>
DM: …uh-oh…
PP: What? What happened?
DM: Remember that bug monster from earlier?
PP: The one that Rarity killed and threw into the river along with all his stuff?
DM: Yeah…
RT: He was Gizmo's friend?
DM: …y-yeah…
RT: But Gizmo was a witness! Why didn't he say anything when we killed his friend right in front of him?
DM: TOTALLY my fault. I should have read this module in advance and actually learned which NPCs are important and know one another…
PP: You didn't even read the module before the game?? Hahaha, this is priceless!
DM: I… thought I'd be able to learn it on the fly?
Look, I was really busy this past week…

Page 1295: >>2195544
Page 1297: >>2195194
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