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"Domination and BATTER-y"

My guest comic for "Friendship is Dragons" – a D&D/MLP:FiM screencap-based campaign webcomic by Newbiespud

Page 1297 — Domination and BATTER-y

Author: dziadek1990

Guest Author's Note: "As one piece of writing advice goes: 'Break your cuties to see what they are made of.'
Did your character ever encounter a situation that forced them to act VERY differently from how they usually do?"
Note: Now accepting guest comics! Details and rules here. Deadline: November 6th.

DM: And the necromancer is blinded.
PP: Hee-hee!
RD: zzz… whuh… wh… wha? Necromancerwha?
DM: Nice improvised ammo… though your party cannon will be unusable for a while.
PP: Yeah, I know it wasn't designed to shoot cake batter… Still, was fun.
RD: What necromancer?
PP: I told you! Toooold youuuu! That innocent-looking old man WAS evil after all! Take THAT!
RD: Ah crap, really?
RD: …'kay, Let me get my wallet then… <shuffle>
PP: No need! I was kidding with that bet being for money.
RD: Alright, then at least I'll make Rainbow start flying to wherever-the-several-hells-you-are. She'll follow the sound of the cannon blast.
DM: <roll> Lucky you. Pinkie managed to glean through his illusion. The toupee that he was wearing and which seemingly-accidentally landed on your rump is actually his tarantula familiar, disguised as a small wig of hair.
PP: So he wore a spider-hat this whole time?
DM: Your Initiative is higher than the spider's. What do you do?
PP: Destroy! Destroy Destroy DESTROY!
RD: What did I miss? Why are YOU suddenly the violent one?
PP: That bad-old-bald man tried to HYPNOTIZE me! He wanted me to betray you guys and kill you in your sleeps!
RD: Huh?
PP: He also might have wanted to kill me to make me his zombie later, I'm not sure?
RD: Hypnotized?
PP: Yup. He managed to do it, too… but then the dummy started ordering me to kill you guys, and so I got a second Will save, and then I snapped out of my trance-ism. My love for you girls has WON!!
PP: Pinkie's normally not the one for violence… but… him-trying-to-make-Pinkie-kill-her-friends? Yeah… THAT kind of a thing DEFINITELY goes into her No-No Pile.
RD: Will you be killing him?
PP: …welllll… he DID spit in my face when I tried Diplomacy after his hypnosis-thingie failed…
RD: What an ass.
PP: …hahaha! Yeah! Literally!
PP: But no, I guess I'll just beat him into a pulp and then tie him up.
RD: If he survives the encounter, that is.
Rainbow already reached you.
And she hungers for BLOOD.
PP: Aw…

Page 1296: >>2195190
Page 1298: >>2196473
Bonus page: >>2196073
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