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safe1657569 applejack165852 fluttershy207428 pinkie pie211392 rainbow dash228342 rarity177464 twilight sparkle294030 alicorn215023 earth pony231108 pegasus272908 pony921872 unicorn303501 bubblegum1185 candy6767 food67138 fruit snacks7 grapes437 gum1023 lemon heads1 mane six31126 marshmallow1307 misspelling2346 my fur isn't actually x it's just covered in y7 rarity is a marshmallow386 skittles155 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121010


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Background Pony #EB48
If Pinkie’s coat is made of bubble gum, then her mane and tail must be made of cotton candy
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Background Pony #1EA2
AJ's clearly made of Circus Peanuts. Speaking of which, Flutter's coat is probably made of the banana flavored version of that.
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