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mousepads are back for pre-order!!
guaranteed pre-order window lasts from 11/16 to 11/25. all information is in the etsy description!
thank you in advance!
suggestive170655 artist:pearlyiridescence968 rarity201484 pony1299605 unicorn435698 bedroom eyes71361 both cutie marks12379 butt172244 cute232542 dock60968 female1582509 looking at you213061 looking back72724 looking back at you22544 mare605857 mousepad206 mousepad for the fearless52 oppai mousepad89 plot112026 prone30458 rearity5871 sexy36899 smiling324505 solo1248720 solo female204764 the ass was fat18170 wingding eyes29661


not provided yet


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oppai mousepad profiteer
I’m really sorry about that ): I swear that it’s not me inflating the shipping cost. That’s what I have to pay for a package to be shipped via First Class International, and that’s for pretty much everywhere that’s not Canada. I tested costs for some of the usual countries I get customers for (UK, Australia, and Germany to name a few) and they’re all around that price. They’re also not light letters either, they’re about 11oz and have to be shipped in a large bubble mailer.
There’s really nothing I can do unless I want to eat that cost myself (which technically I do anyway, since I pay out of pocket for shipping materials and don’t push that cost onto customers). I do offer $5+ patrons 15% off codes for my store, if that helps? But yeah, if you want to complain, take it up with USPS. Again, really sorry about that.
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I would love to buy this (especially one with Pinkie when it becomes available) but the shipping price is ridiculous, almost 25$ The mousepad itself is only slightly more expensive… Are they wrapping that in gold and send it with a private jet so it costs so much to deliver a small, fairly light letter? Ordering anything from the US, yay…