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safe1587999 edit119367 edited screencap57068 screencap203415 diamond tiara9665 scootaloo49340 silver spoon6236 flight to the finish808 angry24270 caption19516 dipper pines324 eyes closed81218 gravity falls1242 grunkle stan45 hat77459 helmet10037 image macro35846 impact font1361 meme78821 mocking206 open mouth124810 raised hoof39859 rolling up sleeves4 sad22866 scooter1185 soos22 text51734


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Background Pony #36DD
Punching a child is totally wrong!

Unless it's Cozy Glow, in which case haul off and let her have it!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

For the first part of the series, I'd have said no. Later, yeah, a punch is unwarranted.

…the same thing I would have said for Pacifica. whoa.