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This is a oc I have planned of creating for some time, but i couldnt figure out right colors, so it worked perfectly when i saw this contest! hosted by tsand106
(My paint program doesnt work well with bases, so i had to redraw/line it myself. Sorry if there is a mistake!)

Name: Aurora Peak.
Gender: Female.
Age: Young adult.
Personality: Enthusiastic, charismatic but shy and quet at some times.
Lives in: Manehettan.
Occupation: Celebrity agent.
Hobies: Organizing, watching tv, drinking coffee with friends.
Likes: Coffee, light blue color, confident ponies.
Dislikes: Black tea, Bright green colors, long talks.

Backstory: When Aurora was a little filly, she always dreamed of becoming a pop star. Everyday after school she would come back home, turn on tv and stare at the celebrities until sun would go down. She adored their style, charm, ability to be so confident, which she was not. Aurora was a shy filly. One of the two things, in her opinion, that was holding her back from becoming a star. Second was her living location. At the time, she was living with her mother in Cloudsdale and, while she did enjoy seeing clear blue skies, this wasnt what she wanted. She heard that most celebrities were living in Manehattan. Luckly for her, Peak's father was working there! Right after she finished the school, he agreed to take her to live with him. She was filled with joy once she first stepped trough the glimmering street! But it wasnt for long. To become a star, she had to be hired, and for that, she had to go trough all sorts of places. Aurora had everything planned in her head. She would sit down, be asked questions, maybe perform once or twice, but… This wasnt what she expected at all! Right when she would walk up the stage or look at another one's eyes, her mouth wouldnt open! While she did try to play it cool, it would always end up the same way: she would stare at the floor dead silent until her time would run off! At the end, nobody was willing to accept a "star" like her. Her dreams seemed to be crushed.
One day, after yet another unsuccesful interview Aurora was walking home. Her knees felt weak, her eyes were teary… all she could do was to lower her head and stare at the grey tiles of the street. Just when she was about to turn from one street to another, she bumped to another pony. It was a charming young colt. He helped her up and started apologizing. Once again, affected by her shyness, Aurora couldnt mumble back an answer. Colt took it as her not yet fully forgiving him and felt bad, so he invited her to a nearby cafe. Aurora was surprised to be so suddenly and almost forcefully taken to such a nice place. She did spent some time quet at first, but, as she noticed that the colt isnt going to stop talking, she quetly started answering. She soon found out that his name was RockFier and that he came to Manehattan to find a job. Fier hadn't decided what he wanted to be in life, he just wanted a career what would amuse him and other people. Aurora mentioned that she was surprised by his ability to talk so freely and confident, then asked if he ever tried becoming a celebrity. He denied. "I was always bad at planning" he chuckled, "Job interview is one thing, but to IMPRESS someone seriously? Do a show? I dont think i am creative enough!". They both fell silent for a moment, Rock beying lost in thought and Aurora trying to put together what she had heard.
"I got it!" she banged her hooves at the table, smiling. "All my life i was studying the stars of this world! What they do, what they say to start their career, to amaze others, i never missed a single detail in their life stories, their tips on how to become famous, and more!". Colt looked at her a bit surprised and disturbed "I'm not sure where you are going with this, miss Peak…" he mumbled. "Listen." Aurora looked into his eyes, face now serious, but filled with determination "I am going to help you to become a star!". She then told him about her story, why she moved to Manehattan and why she kept failing at her dream carrer before even starting it. Rock at first nodded in disbelief of her misfortunes, but then became rather interested. They started planning of what he could do, discussing his present talents and experience, which he didnt have much, since like her, he didnt have his cutiemark either. He was, however, interested in music, and once Aurora listened to some of his self-created tunes, she started believing in him even more. "We can do this! Together with your talent and my experience, we can make you a star of this city!".
Days went by and Aurora's planned performance date for RockFier arrived. He finished practising his song that morning, and went straight to the studio where he was supposed to perform. Aurora was already waiting for him and as soon as he walked up to her, she pushed him on stage. Rock performed shily at first, but as the song progressed, his voice became louder and louder, completely amazing the audience. As he was finishing singing the last notes, he felt soft tingling on his flanks, he took a peek and saw his cutiemark appearing: bright, colorful notes in a shape of a heart, symbolyzing the passion he had for his song. Applauds rippled through the room. He had suceeded.
Aurora stood in the backstage, looking at him with amazement in her eyes, completely not noticing her own flank, shining the same way. Only when everything was over, and she and RockFier were walking back to the same little cafe in which they became friends, colt smiled and whispered "I'm not the only star that is now in your life"… She at first became confused, but then looked to her side and noticed a cutiemark: a gold star with pony siluette in the middle, symbolizing her ability of finding and bringing other ponie's talents to the sulinght. She was filled with joy, again.

(Omg i never wrote story this long im so proud of myself )

Hope ya guys like her


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