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safe1677207 edit129477 edited screencap63349 editor:midnightglimmer1 screencap218433 applejack167534 fluttershy209644 pinkie pie213420 princess celestia93846 rainbow dash230667 rarity179207 spike77854 twilight sparkle296796 alicorn218847 dragon54510 pegasus280645 pony939923 unicorn311420 canterlot5571 comic107130 element of magic2200 empress104 fangs24494 female1337035 flying37306 hooves17543 horn62181 jewelry60796 male362897 mane six31470 mare466870 mare in the moon1705 mare in the sun7 misspelling2372 moon23044 open mouth140227 scepter1119 screencap comic4484 smiling240572 tiara3869 twilight scepter2025 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122169 tyrant sparkle719 wings101188


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