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I don't feel so safe about the Starship anymore…
For those who don't understand what is it about: today SpaceX's Starship Mk1 exploded during pressure testing.
R.I.P. Starship Mk1

(btw i'm doing commissions)
safe1554988 artist:kozachokzrotom58 oc593326 oc only404009 oc:spaceship pony1 original species22704 pegasus232259 pony826151 rocket pony33 spaceship ponies12 3 panel comic43 comic99915 death4995 decapitation379 exploding head29 explosion1985 ponified37791 spacex52 starship24


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Gamma Deekay
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In all honesty, it was probably supposed to explode. Elon himself mentioned that the Mk1 probably wouldn't fly, so this was probably just a test to see what the main tanks were rated to/what are the primary failure points. Hopefully the tanks held up far past where they thought they would!