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suggestive143126 artist:ratofdrawn1125 edit132601 twilight sparkle300436 velvet reindeer1351 alicorn224592 deer5785 pony968469 reindeer2005 them's fightin' herds4527 princess spike (episode)726 blushing197793 book33498 book nest54 butt58982 cute199924 female1363919 frog (hoof)12971 mare481066 pile of books34 plot79065 princess sleeping on books46 scene interpretation8613 sfw edit232 sleeping23465 that pony sure does love books1147 twiabetes11766 twibutt5522 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123698 underhoof52116


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You forgot to remove the genitals from the sketch in the book lol

She does! Interestingly enough it's not a Kirin, Kirin's weren't a thing yet when I drew this picture all those years ago. It's the deer from Them's Fightin' Herds!