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>when i hear someone complain about rich people or mention a minor problem with the economy


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Other ponies argue
Do you ever wonder why?
When you think your talent's special
You don't see eye-to-eye
There's just too many differences
That lead to disarray
But when you learn to act as one
It's like a holiday!

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@Background Pony #516E
That way, even the poor can ascend to rich in no time, no more capitalist oppression, no more huge gap between rich and middle and poor, and no more communist propaganda, we faces other better forms of problems.
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@Prometheus labs CEO
Transhumanism, I see, interesting…
Finally we can overcome the limits of frail body.

On the bright side, it's like dreaming of having smartphone when you are in an 8-bit era, but what can be done can be done no matter what! Some contribution of the change can be handful to help manifest the revolution I think.
Background Pony #516E
Are you implying that humans are hopeless creatures compared to ponies?? I am not surprised, because humans' bodies are frail and unstable compared to ponies' bodies, I wish we may evolve into a more stable form if it's a possible alternative to extinction.
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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #516E
Their success is eventually offset by their lies and the subsequent enforcement they got subjected to because of their actions. This happens in real life as well, but there are still several cases in which criminal conspirators do get away with it. The most realistic way to reveal all the secrets and lies of humanity is to wait until after we go extinct. XD
Background Pony #516E
True justice is where it balances the opportunities of everyone well, while also keep talents and specialty/individuality, balances socialism and capitalism, but this is currently tough to make, consider how many humans can be extreme in many things and has to be fixed.

Equestria looks pretty balanced, consider someone like Flim and Flam, Gladmane are not so successful there.
Background Pony #6D68
And at the same time, capitalism is in crisis in many parts of the world, even USA nowadays. Due to the abuse of desires for profits in many company owners, such as game companies.
Background Pony #ED55
@Background Pony #ED55
And that is how Starlight managed to form an equal village of "Our Town", now she is doing that again!
Communism can easily convert envious people after all. And yet, envy do more harm than good because it abuses the morality of reward of works and skills.
Background Pony #ED55
Starlight: I see you are complaining about some capitalist pigs you are envy of? How about equality? No envy, jealousy, because everycreature is equal!
Twilight: Oh no… Glim, no!