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Dialogue :


Ty: Dear Luna! What did you do to my studio?

Raven: Well you see what had happen was…….

Ty: Your lying!

Raven: I swear to you, I didn't do it.

Ty: Then who did?

suddenly a scroll addressed to Ty poofs out of nowhere

Hey Ty sorry about the mess. Me and Vinyl had to record this new track for her album.
your bro Dubious

Ty: Ok then what was the crash?

Raven: you know your favorite guitar? Well it broke….

Ty: You're buying me a new one.

Raven: How do you if I did it and not Dubious?

Ty: Easy. Points to the matching guitar pick in Ravens hoof.

Raven: ummmmm……

Lol Jk. I just thought I'd try something.
This was a request for laspegasus of her pony Raven.


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