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Just a drawing of my Pinkie I forgot to post
suggestive128069 artist:cottoncloudy175 pinkie pie203290 human142151 big breasts68526 breasts239795 busty pinkie pie9576 chubbie pie403 chubby12658 cis55 cis girl37 cute177421 fat19952 freckles25435 huge breasts31983 huge butt8043 humanized94110 large butt12862 natural hair color308 pinkie thighs142 pudgy pie1381 thick3553 thighs8250 thunder thighs6477


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Background Pony #9F16
This is what thicc means. People say "thicc" all the time on pics of mares who have some T and/or A and a waistline smaller than a coat rack, and it always annoys me. "Thicc" isn't just T&A, it's also a soft, squishy belly you can use as a pillow, thick thighs you could wear as earmuffs, and big, strong arms to pull you into a loving embrace.

All this describes Pinkie here perfectly, and I love her for it.