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safe1727934 artist:papadragon691302 apple bloom50261 spike79546 dragon57543 earth pony256929 pony988115 comic:spike's cyosa317 3d78235 book33949 clubhouse793 comic110318 crusaders clubhouse749 cyoa3230 female1382175 filly68256 male380506 older27313 older spike5413 source filmmaker47417 teenage spike652 teenager4676 winged spike8473


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@Derpy Whooves
Okay, sorry, Sorry to you as well PapaDragon69, I hope I did not insult you.

IF… it is not too much to ask, I would very much like to humbly request from you your draft for this chapter of your adventure series. A screen shot, perhaps, of a few key words you put on paper or another medium where there is a clear absence of "ending the story however I want" or "forget the polls I'm a God", you know, any sort of those kind of phrases…

Anyway, I did like the series from the beginning but there was a severe change of direction with the first bonus chapter. Not in a way of forcing you own will on your story but more like losing interest, becoming indifferent towards your own work of art. It's sad to see an artist lose his passion. I'd rather see you take a break than force mediocre work on a self imposed deadline.

You managed to once again include a completely inconsequential choice into your "Story". Please, explain to us, your readers, your thought process. There is no satisfaction for neither of the parties involved. You had to post extra panel and we were left with absolutely no payoff (note that I have read the end at this point). Your story telling is poor, you fail to present your audience with the scenario that they vote for so spectacularly it defies human logic. You've turned the endless expanse of human imagination into a convergent binary box of disappointment.

Whatever, you're not gonna listen anyway, finish this thing so I can go back to living.
Background Pony #5724
Aw, I was hoping it was a porn book and seeing the title would make Spike teach Applebloom and the girls a bit more about sex.