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Map made for the comic Beyond our Borders.

An in-depth description of the map, the lore behind it and the creator's artistic choices can be found at the source, but is above Derpibooru's description character limit.
safe1575719 artist:bootsdotexe101 amphiptere19 dragon48185 sea serpent172 comic:beyond our borders66 abyssinia14 appleloosa257 aquastria20 arimaspi territory18 badlands49 baltimare55 basalt beach39 black skull island13 bone dry desert67 bugbear territory7 canterlot5009 celestial sea8 changeling hive536 cloudsdale1196 continent23 crystal empire2034 crystal mountains13 dodge city15 dragon's lair26 equestria486 everfree forest1944 farthest reaches6 fillydelphia130 foal mountain8 forbidden jungle7 frozen north39 ghastly gorge78 great iceberg barrier9 griffish isles13 griffonstone241 guto river3 hall of unity10 hayseed swamp27 hollow shades27 horseshoe bay12 kirin grove10 klugetown241 las pegasus130 lost lagoon8 macintosh hills6 manehattan951 map1210 map of equestria184 mount aris175 mount everhoof27 mount metazoa7 neighagra falls37 nightmare cliffs6 north luna ocean5 original location52 our town254 pine needle barrens15 ponyville5033 rainbow falls (location)42 rambling rock ridge4 rock farm479 saddle arabia106 sea of clouds20 seaward shoals49 shire lanka1 sire's hollow138 smokey mountains19 somnambula (location)132 south luna ocean6 storm king's realm11 sweet acorn orchard20 tall tale11 tartarus424 trottingham31 twilight's castle3304 vanhoover35 wall of tags2314 whitetail woods47 world map44 yaket range13 yakyakistan137 zebrabwe5


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Istanbull was Coltstantinople
now it's Istanbull not Coltstantinople
it's been a long time gone Coltstantinople
why did Coltstantinople get the works?
that's nopony's business but the Turks