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Page 1306 — Them's Dicin' Words, Part 5

Author: Paper Shadow

Guest Author's Note:
"My third character's backstory had them deemed as on the verge of being Grand Master Thief, despite being Level One. In my defence, they were a Pony Tales character, and as I've come to understand, Pony Tales really front loads its Out of Combat power. It's easy to feel like a super thief when you have +18 to Stealth and ways to buff that number even higher. But that's what I love about the system too.

Them's Fighin' Herds also has unequal backstory power levels. Tianhuo is the Captain of the Imperial Guard, and Oleander spent thirteen years reading the Unicornomicon. Conversely, Arizona is a young calf, and Pom may have never been in a fight before. Of course, when you fight an experienced Pom, it certainly doesn't feel that way. Scary stuff."

Tianhuo: So you defeated your father to become Key Keeper?
Arizona (TS): Yep.
Tianhuo: Well, my character is the Captain of the Imperial Guard, and was chosen as Key Keeper by the Empress herself! She is experienced and wise, having many victorious duels and battles. She has stories of conquest and triumph that she must share with you when we get a chance.
Pom: Aye, it's impressive stuff. What with being Level 5 an' all.
Tianhuo: Good characters need good backstories.
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