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safe1554951 screencap195123 beaude mane65 luckette108 lucky breaks76 pinkie pie201334 strawberry ice80 tornado bolt340 earth pony190278 pegasus232251 pony826115 the gift of the maud pie903 animated90974 background pony8882 big (movie)10 clothes400691 cute173538 dancing7504 eyes closed78341 female879005 filly58403 goddammit pinkie10 hat74582 male298911 mare403959 musical instrument6776 open mouth120271 piano983 power slide17 sliding188 smiling209698 sound6446 spread wings46772 stallion90284 title drop163 tornadorable18 watching1019 webm9676 wings71840


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Background Pony #08C0
The reason is Serious Clover and Tornado Bolt are playing the floor piano and Pinkie Pie crashed over with floor piano and they made a mistake!