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Looks like @TFSential got into the twilight-flavored mareoids… and downed like 5 bottles in quick succession. Hey Polo!Twi, Look on the bright side, after the nausea subsides, you'll be a fully fledged book horse!
suggestive130716 artist:mcsplosion128 twilight sparkle285851 alicorn202238 pony867863 bottle3656 context in description67 discarded clothing121 empty bottles16 human to pony1049 implied transformation374 male to female856 mareoids4 nauseous105 polo shirt86 post-transformation96 regret256 rule 6325240 scrunchy face6797 sick1677 solo990942 sweat23729 transformation9703 transgender transformation1509 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117164 vaginal secretions36952


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