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safe1639890 artist:candyclumsy611 artist:multi-commer23 apple bloom48017 ocellus4991 scootaloo50141 silver spoon6348 smolder7391 sweetie belle47791 yona4835 oc643383 changeling44154 dragon52217 earth pony224295 hybrid16897 original species23170 pegasus266244 pony905509 unicorn295673 yak4334 yakony83 comic:the great big fusion 38 apple15494 apple tree2966 clubhouse738 collapse25 comic104728 confused4486 crusaders clubhouse702 cutie mark crusaders18580 dialogue62051 dragoness7472 female1305624 food66017 fusion4888 hug26763 magic69772 merge244 potion1976 shy3867 tree30393 treehouse184


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Background Pony #4E72
I bet that the next page will be diamond tiara want to be fused too


Luna come instead demanding to fused as well
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Background Pony #C004
so the cmc, yona, ocellus, smolder and silverspoon are merged together, who's left?
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