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safe1588662 artist:徐詩珮8865 autumn blaze3417 fizzlepop berrytwist8900 glitter drops6091 kerfuffle486 spring rain5544 tempest shadow15832 torque wrench229 twilight sparkle284158 alicorn200050 earth pony206565 pegasus248118 pony860408 unicorn274705 fizzleverse (徐詩珮)46 series:sprglitemplight diary3312 series:springshadowdrops diary3457 alicornified4749 alternate mane six297 alternate universe9560 autumnfuffle51 autumnsparkle5 autumntwrench50 base used16140 bisexual5069 clothes415574 cute181621 female1230914 glitterbetes2076 glitterblaze180 glitterfuffle74 glitterlight2187 glittershadow5297 glitterwrench50 horn47946 kerwrench50 lesbian90537 mare427873 night23410 older23473 older autumn blaze3 older glitter drops83 older kerfuffle2 older spring rain73 older tempest shadow88 older torque wrench2 older twilight1182 polyamory6313 princess tempest shadow45 race swap12795 shipping184848 sprglitemplight2106 springbetes2013 springblaze57 springdrops4132 springfuffle51 springlight2258 springshadow4882 springshadowdrops4016 springwrench50 tempestbetes2580 tempestblaze65 tempestfuffle51 tempestlight3474 tempestwrench50 twiabetes10497 twifuffle4 twiwrench4 unicorn twilight13699


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