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Originally posted on: April 23, 2016
Request art card for flameamigo619
safe1655967 artist:samoht-lion464 discord30004 king sombra13400 princess luna97219 starlight glimmer47129 sunset shimmer60855 trixie65676 oc653511 oc:toonkriticy2k73 alicorn214688 draconequus10505 pegasus272270 pony920351 unicorn302744 2016371 chalkboard2752 clothes441487 comments locked down180 cursed image617 female1319260 funny aneurysm moment28 glasses59145 harsher in hindsight277 hat83034 hilarious in hindsight3099 hypocrisy215 irony678 male356330 mare457125 necktie6831 smiling234411 stallion102418 suit5582 this didn't age well11 title card711 toongate26 top hat4045


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16 does indeed count, even though they look and act close enough that it's easy to fool others (and now you know why sex is so taboo in human society, we evolved the gene/meme mutation to protect us from these kinds of people and those that didn't died out due to abuse-induced infertility)

(IIRC California has the strictest AOC laws of anywhere)

@Background Pony #0ECE
If he did that it would be easy to proof and as far as I am Aware 16 Counts as child pornography in the USA were he lives, if I remember correctly.
That is not repeating himself. That is him getting worse, but also getting easier to get him for the investigators.
Background Pony #0ECE
Well, You'd think he couldn't sink any lower, but guess again. As it turns out Toonkrytyc has been up to his old tricks. Apparently he had been selling nude pics of a 16 year old he had groomed and in typical Toon fashion, had immediately tried to play the pity card. By claiming he doesn't remember why he did it. His grandfather had passed away, his cat passed away and how suicidal he felt since his now EX boyfriend had left him but then went on to say that he's sticking around because his ex-boyfreind needs him.

Funny how history repeats itself.

Pretty much yeah, it's one thing to see drawings depicting explicit acts. It's actually been depicted in some manga and only to depict the depravity of such individuals.

But again that is when it is a work of fiction (even then I don't condone an intimate relationship between an adult and a child) it mostly boils down to the context of the material itself. Whenever I come across stuff like that I just roll my eyes "welcome to the internet".

Now if it's used in a context where it is depicted as an actual heinous action (which it is) then it depicting a depraved villainous character committing a heinous villainous act.

I apologize if I seem like I'm going off on a tangent. I'm just trying to find the best way to describe this.

Its like watching a horror movie for the first time. Say like I dunno, Texas Chainsaw or Friday the 13th. You bear witness acts of murder and mutilation and dismemberment. Even though it's fake (rubber hissed and corn syrup) it's the act itself that's shocking. But the more you watch it the more your used to it because your mind is more prepared. My brother calls it boot camp for the psyche.

Now you take people who work in law enforcement. Homicide and Special Victims. They encounter this type of stuff in real life. Actual murder scenes, actual victims of rape, actual people. They encounter this stuff more times than any one person should.

But again there is a difference between a drawing and the real deal.

So when others found out about Toonkrityc's side hobby (his side hobby being drawn to acts of pedophilia not the victim herself) they were not prepared for what they saw. But at the same time, that was real and that's what shocked them the most. Because they weren't used to seeing things like that in real life.

You don't know? About 2 (more like 3) years ago he was caught having online sexual relations with a 14 year old girl. Before that he was called out for groping girls during cons as well as being called out for fleecing people for money so he could attend said cons.

Just your atypical doushebag that uses and manipulates others for their own ends.

@Background Pony #457E
Because that's what he would want. He wants everyone to forget what he had done thus giving him the excuse for his actions. Those in the analysis community want everyone to forget about him because of his association with them. Toonkritic is by all accounts a worthless shit-bag yes. But just forgetting about him and what he has done in the past would just give rise to another Toonkritic. Like when those who wanted to keep silent about it out of fear of a scandal, well that's when the other pedo degenerates started coming out of the woodwork. Like the last Bronycon and Mandopony (allegedly at this point but there is circumstantial evidence that speaks otherwise.) There had also been close cases of child abduction and rape at a previous con according to WatchMojo.

But my point is, the sooner people are to forget the sooner they are to let it happen before it's too late.

I agree with you that people shouldn't obsess over this slimy little nut-stain, but I believe that people should take what happened out of this and learn from it. Keep a vigilant eye, watch for tell tale signs that someone's an actual creep.

People like Toonkrityc and their actions need to be brought to light otherwise it will just become worse.

Because the thing about people who exhibit sociopathic behavior is that there actions gradually escalate to more and more heinous actions.

John Wayne Gacy was living proof if that fact.

@Background Pony #457E
I'm pretty sure his images are allowed to stay up as a cautionary tale to insure that we do not forget who he is and what he's done.

My only question is if any of his family members ever commented on his actions, both past and present. Assuming he has any, that is.
Background Pony #457E
Can we remove This fucker and all art associated with him from here?

He's a worthless sack of crap no one in the community wants to associate with so can we Purge all ToonKritic related images?

Thats just it though, in his mind he's the victim. He beleives that he can just get a "do over" from all the shit he's pulled in the past. Which is ironic in itself because that's what led up to him thinking that he wasn't going to be caught trying to jump into the pants of a 14 year old. All his previous "feinds" did was give him a light slap on the wrist for when he did something wrong. He's the result of someone who has never been diciplined in their life, let alone face any real concequences. So no, he hasn't changed like he claims, he just wants to sweep everything under the rug like everything else he's done.
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Can’t stop the signal

Ok, I will concede poor wording on my part. What I was trying to get at was that if he stopped being a shitbag creeper, then he’d eventually be given a pass for past behaviour. If he continues to be a shitbag creeper, then what you said is correct.

I dunno, I'm a firm beleiver in Karma and that lighting doesn't strike twice. You also have to keep in mind also that both the authorities and FBI have him on file… that's assuming that those who were in the know actually filed a report against him. I'd seriously doubt that he'd be able to slime his way out of it the next go around.

Again that's IF they actually filed a report against him and not try some pitiful scare tactic to get him to turn himself in.

Thats where they screwed up on their part. I say this because my step-dad used to work in law enforcement, that and I grew up watching a ton of true crime docs. When you have evidence of a perpetrator or have caught them in the act. You NEVER confront them on it. 1. Because unless you are expertly trained to handle yourself in a possible situation, you are putting yourself at risk and 2. Just because you may THINK you have the upperhand on the perpetrator in question, you could very well unknowingly be giving that person a window of opportunity to make their escape. Which is what I beleive happened during that call.

@Beau Skunky
He's just another prime example of what to watch out for in online communities. Though the case with Toonkrytic he's not drawn to kids nescacarily otherwise the cops would've scooped his ass up from loitering around his local elementary school playgrounds. He's the type of person who is drawn to people that he can control and or manipulate. Like his former colleagues in the brony fandom he latched on simply because it was popular at the time while pretending to be their freind all the while he used them as his personal sheild when he did something wrong. Turns out he had a private chatroom full of his loyal followers (all of them young) that from what I could understand was planning on using as a back up platform for when he finally decided to ditch the analysis community the moment they were of no longer of use for him.

I'm not defending them either, they're just as much to blame for letting him off the hook in the first place (not for his pedophilia but for all the other things he did.)

But to say that he's a devious mastermind would be giving him too much credit. As I've said before, he's just a lazy good for nothing slob who just gets by on the backs of others by playing the same tricks over and over. Unfortunately there are those out there who keep falling for it every time.

@Beau Skunky
He's been trying to "rebuild" himself on Twitch under a different name all the while denying any claims against him. He's still pulling the "I'm the real victim here" crap that he's always pulled.
It's Zephyr something I cant remember, but it's just best to stay away from this turd. From what I've heard he's been amassing a small following of weak minded people who believe that he has done nothing wrong and actually support him.

Kinda sounds like the shit he pulled back in the day when he was still in the analysis community before they found out he was a pedo boy.