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#pattern #inktoberday10 #inktober #mlp Drew our girl Rarity cutting out the pattern, snip by snip! Can you believe its been 9 yrs as of today? 9 yrs ago we all started on this great journey and it’s been a wonderful ride of friendships. Im so thankful for all of the people I’ve met and the friendships Ive made along the way. I would not be drawing, singing or acting without this amazing community.

I probably wouldn’t be here at all if I’m honest, and I’m thankful that this community was around when I had so many mishaps over the years.
Here’s to you all, and a happy anniversary to Gen 4. Glad we made it this far, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store! ❤️❤️❤️


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safe1554862 artist:cadetredshirt377 rarity167866 pony826046 unicorn257119 accessories722 ear fluff22497 fabric553 glasses53813 horn40389 ink1217 ink drawing635 inktober1672 inktober 2019423 magic64469 pattern150 pincushion184 scissors996 sitting53751 solo958777 table8008 thread830 traditional art107686


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