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Equestria At War

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I found those hussies who look like the girls from Beauty and the Beast who follow around Feather Bangs (and some random bitch) in #PonyTown
safe1552557 dear darling169 fond feather163 swoon song172 oc592181 oc:cherry days23 bat pony42248 earth pony189810 pegasus231713 pony824620 unicorn256148 pony town3259 bat pony oc13638 bimbettes148 blushing172160 bow23543 choker8860 clothes399732 eyes closed77945 eyeshadow12614 female877051 flower21591 flower in hair6450 hair bow12881 makeup17078 mare403172 pixel art9200 plushie21555 prone22834 sitting53643 smiling209167 snow12391 socks55577 striped socks18832 tail bow4608


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